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On-Line Patient Access Services

We now offer a 24 hr, secure online service so you can access us when you’re at home, work or on the move - wherever you can connect to the internet.

Register with Patient Access to:

  • Book an appointment on-line - we offer a limited number of appointments which you can access and book yourself by registering with the patient access service .
  • Order repeat prescriptions

CLICK HERE to register with or log on to Patient Access

(appointment booking and repeat prescription ordering)

NHS Halton & St Helens needs your help!

You will have heard on the news that the NHS needs to make savings of £15-20 billion over the next 3 years (this is about 17% of the total NHS budget). Locally NHS Halton & St Helens needs to save £24 million over the next 12 months.

Medicines Changes
We know some of these savings can come from prescribing without affecting patient care. Therefore your regular medication may be switched to a different product which will have exactly the same effect but will cost the NHS less. We will give you information about any changes. If you have any concerns please discuss with your GP, practice nurse or chemist.

Medicines Waste
Each year NHS Halton & St Helens spends around £60 million on medicines. However we know that at least £1.5 million worth of medicines each year are returned to chemists unused. These medicines cannot be re-used and are destroyed. Please ONLY order medication that you need and do not stockpile your medicines at home. If there are medicines on your list that you no longer take please inform you doctor, practice nurse or chemist. Thank you.



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